Venus Education Academy is an Educational Training Institute for students and profession in the field of Information Technology.
To empower their knowledge and keep them up-to-date with their field and work faster & smarter.

The Passion in Information Technology took a major part in our life from personal computer to the latest smart phones & tablet. so to cope up with there fastly growing technology, Human need to make their memory upgradable Faster.

keeping that in mind Venus Education Academy start to Educate people in their field

To work faster,
To be smarter,
To be a shot cutter in doing works.

Now Venus Education Academy has looked in to the Feature and stated suppoting Education as on the go, so students and profession can gain their knowledge at any where on their desktop, laptop, Smartphone, tablet. So that they never miss their learning path on the digital life.

After Year of Experience in Education.
Venus Education Academy has taken a part of doing projects for U.G and P.G students, Since project are the life turning Movements for a students to get a job. Venus Education Academy has understand that moment and stated as a guidance in their project to a cover setter in life

Each and Every day a new software had been developed and downloaded, and new programming languages are distributed so keeping that in mind we are training people to be capable of learning them and make them more predefine and productivity.

Now corporate companies are approaching Venus Education Academy to hire or recruit people in their companies so that Venus Education Academy started a program for Corporate training and placement service to encourage them and motivate them to a desirable job.

Since Venus Education Academy has been doing a a lot of service, in Education it has also stated services in helping business to endoro their presence in the digital world.