Desktop & Web Application

Each and every day we are using collocutor, Word, Excel, Text Editor, Tally, Photoshop, Facebook Etc.,

Do you know how these application are developed and how they are able to manuplate their task and work perfectly.

It all about clever programming.

Desktop Application

Desktop application are application that are build upon the Layer of an operating system.

As are able to convert machine-level-large to high-level and book and forth.

Desktop application are build for high level that is human readable coding.

Are application that are highlevel languages

Web Application

Now web application are able to connect through internet and get resources according to the response that a client request.

Today every devices are having a browes to occes the internet resources. So with a platform that are having a wide varity of audience company are spending million on the web application.

Now web application has lot of categories in that the most fundamental part is html, CSS, Javascript, Server Scripting. In that

Ara all topic will be covered in Venus Education Academy